There’s now another week to take advantage of the discounted Early Bird tickets for Congress 2022 in Belfast – book before next Wednesday 18 May at 12 midnight (BST)!

Belfast has unexpected lessons for other cities. Its story now includes post-industrial landscapes and waterfronts where people and culture define the difference. Through connecting at Congress, it can tell some inspiring stories and help weave new ones.

Congress 2018 in Cork – photos by David Kennedy/Place Images

Join us between 8-10 June as we take this opportunity to learn from Belfast’s heritage as we dive into the following themes:

Brokering Collaboration (Thursday theme)

Getting things done in our cities and towns requires a mix of collaborative leadership, trust across different sectors, and people having stewardship. 
Congress will look at collaboration and co-design as the future of urbanism. It will explore why cities must build creative energies to turn passionate ideas into inventive projects, and look at how cities can prioritise investment to provide long term sustainability and authentic experiences for people. 

Informing Experiences (Friday theme)

This will explore how a local economic base, appropriate infrastructure for long-term growth, and sustained cultural programming need people to shape this offering and to embrace design quality. 

Lessons of Resilience (Friday theme)

Belfast is not alone in being resilient, but it does have some particular stories. Its women, LGBTQ+ community, and accessibility advocates all have something to say about how its complicated past holds intriguing lessons for places anew. 

Building Climate Leadership (Friday theme)

Effective climate leadership will define not only the long-term future of our cities but of our planet. Good urbanism is only possible with clear thinking and decisive action around carbon neutrality, building density, and how the design of our cities affects the way we use them. 


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