Cities face many challenges. An uncertain world, laid bare by Covid 19 and the impacts of a climate in crisis, is testing how we use our urban places and what they look like as never before. Whether home working and online shopping or tourism and spaces for cultural production, our cities and towns need to adapt ever more quickly. 

Congress is a chance to learn from places leading these changes. It explores new ideas for regenerating our urban places and helps chart a sustainable path toward cities that function and allow people to live well in them. It puts people at the heart of overcoming the growing urban challenges we face. 

Belfast has a history of overcoming challenges. Its long heritage of resilience and three decades of change is not all you think you know. Belfast has unexpected lessons for other cities. Its story now includes post-industrial landscapes and waterfronts where people and culture define the difference. Through connecting at Congress, it can tell some inspiring stories and help weave new ones. 

It also knows that other places can inspire the experiences it creates with and for people. As new energies combine, it is now vital for Belfast to choose what more it needs to do to make the next three decades a success. 

  • How does Belfast use its Year of Culture in 2024 and status as a UNESCO City of Music to embrace creativity in delivering quality urban design? 
  • ‘A Bolder Vision’ sets a new course to bust silos across government and connect a historically divided city. What bold, new ways of working can the city create to involve people, build confidence, and grow investment? 
  • How is the city encouraging fresh leadership in climate resilience and low carbon living  as we face a world of climate uncertainty?  
  • As people rethink where they will work, how does Belfast create more housing and inject life back into its city centre? 

Belfast’s challenges – better collaboration, shaping authentic experiences, building climate leadership, and delivering equitable economic development – are the same questions facing cities worldwide. Join us at Congress to help answer them.