Solving the housing crises: New Thinking – New Solutions


by Natesh Ramasamy

Day Two @ 14:00

The ‘housing crisis’ is by now a well-rehearsed and oft-quoted characteristic of the UK’s ongoing economic development. Although most acute in the south of the country, many regions are experiencing a substantial under-supply of housing that continues to push prices towards a level that is increasingly unaffordable for the average purchaser.

The Government has made several attempts to catalyse faster delivery of housing, but interventions seem to have stoked up the demand side further without really generating the corresponding supply needed for a more balanced market. The private rented sector is now starting to expand, but in a very inconsistent fashion.

There is still no real solution to this ‘crisis’ in sight. Is this due to a lack of vision on the part of policy makers? Limitations to our real understanding of the problem? Or, simply an acceptance of a housing market that is in serious, continuous disequilibrium?

This workshop session seeks to bring to light new evidence on the nature of the UK’s housing crises and will attempt to provide greater insight into locations, mechanisms and policy responses for an accelerated rate of housing delivery.